Adulthood Take 2: Second Times the Charm?

A year and a half ago, I graduated college and moved to Memphis equipped with a job, an apartment, and a new wardrobe of wear to work dresses from Target I was ready to become an ADULT. It started out great. With Memphis prices I had what is probably the nicest apartment I will ever live in. I made friends quickly. I learned where the bank and grocery store were, and even got over my fear of talking to the deli lady.

But then, pretty quickly, it was not so great. As I’m sure most of the readers have heard me complain unendingly about my job I won’t elaborate, except to say no lunch breaks, unadvertised 10-hour days with only Sundays off, and missed paychecks. So after many long discussions, even more tears, and in the end a huge sense of relief I gave my notice, bought out my lease and called my mommy to come pick me up (not unlike when she picked me up from my first and only sleep away camp experience, except this time I was hung over from the birthday/goodbye celebrations the night before).

This week, over a year later, having internships and assistant jobs under my belt its time to try this whole adulthood thing again. I started the new job on Tuesday. So far it is better, but also more overwhelming, than I expected.  There are unending processes, computer programs, and peoples names to learn. I’ve almost filled a whole legal pad with notes. Because this is a new position, everyone wants me to take over some of their work, but my director is leaving next week and I will be covering lots of her work until they hire someone new…which they aren’t hurrying to do. Which all seems kind of crazy, but also exciting, because it is interesting work. It is a very casual office. Everyone just walks into each other’s offices. My computer is a lesson in patience, but one of the people receiving services made fettuccini alfredo for the entire staff as a thank you. So I would definitely say it is a win.

When I accepted the job three weeks ago I started formulating what this post, as my first personal entry would look like. I thought it might be more brisk and breezy – imagining much more of the details hammered down. So far no apartment, but the commute is better than expected (about 1 hour  and 20 minutes). So it’s much more of a work in progress than I hoped. But at least I have the ability to escape it all at the end of the day with a bath and book. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress (or digression depending where my insanity decides to take me).

7 thoughts on “Adulthood Take 2: Second Times the Charm?

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