Links for a Lazy Sunday

Full disclosure, I am currently at Disney World getting ready to watch my Mom run a half marathon in the Disney Princess Race. This might not sound crazy if you don’t know my mother, but let me assure you pigs have officially flown. (flew? flied? I shouldn’t be allowed to be called an English major). Anyways, if some huge piece of news or internet sensation has surfaced since I scheduled this post, my apologies.

Some Tumblrs I’ve been enjoying lately are Awesome People Reading and The Books They Gave Me and the brilliantly titled Slaughterhouse 90210. If you want to learn more about authors no one appreciates and books nobody reads you might want to check out Unjustly Unread and Writers No One Reads. 

Bridging out of the Tumblr world, I loved this blog post at The Literate Condition discussing the problems of balancing mundane duty with artistic and creative work, particularly as they relate to gender. I also enjoyed reading Do Your Really Need to Write Every Day? at Writer’s Digest, because this is something I ask myself all the time.

In other internet news I finally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. I don’t really know what   to do with this, but I think it could be fun. Enjoy your Sundays!

3 thoughts on “Links for a Lazy Sunday

  1. Thank you for posting the link to “do you really need to write every day”, not that all your links aren’t fabulous, but this one specifically stuck out to me as it was a topic discussed at my writer’s guild meeting yesterday. I always feel guilty about not writing everyday…but I’d rather not write than write a lot of junk I’ll have to delete/scratch out/erase and other days are way too busy. This really helped put my mind at ease!

    And tell your mom good luck with the marathon!

    1. I also don’t write every day … and sometimes that makes me feel like I’m not committed to becoming a writer. But I think everyone has their own process.

      PS. My mom finished the half marathon, and we all had a lovely time. Thanks for the good luck!

  2. Have officially flown is correct! Although some grammar nazis will say that you should not have split your verb phrase with an adverb. (I say that people who are super obnoxious about grammar on the internet should be put in their own special level of hell.)

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