Links for a Lazy Sunday

Is there anything better than knowing on a lazy Sunday, that you will also get to have a lazy Monday?

What speed do you read? Find out how your reading speed compares with the national average by taking this test. Be warned that they will quiz you for reading comprehension upon completion, so no cheating or skimming!

Although I haven’t used it before, for awhile I’ve been interested in Project Gutenberg. They offer over 39,000 free ebooks, and it is completely legal because the US copyright has expired. Delightful, right? Even more delightful is my recent discovery that they also offer free audio book downloads. Most are computer generated, and in my imagination it is akin to asking Siri to read you a bedtime story.

With some craziness over at work, I am recommitting myself to writing. Here are some tools around the internet that I’ve found helpful.

  • 10 steps to finding your writing voice
  • The emotion thesaurus (I didn’t buy this, but have started making a list of every emotion I can think of. Beside benefiting your writing, I think there is also therapeutic value in this exercise.)
  • had two posts this week featuring famous authors thoughts on the writing process Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Miss Snark an old, unfortunately discontinued, literary agent blog, I used to read in high school and dream about being published. This won’t necessarily help your writing, but it will help you look ahead to the next stage when it is time to write a query letter.

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