Marry Date or Dump: Young Adult Polygamy Edition

The big three of young adult fiction (Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games) all feature two male leads, which makes it a bit tricky to find a third for the marry, date or dump formula. I guess I could have picked a secondary character to round the duos out, but instead I started thinking about what it would be like to marry date and dump both of these male characters from each series at the same time. How would Peeta and Gale split up the household chores? Would Ron’s jealousy of Harry and inferiority complex become an issue in the bedroom? You can see why these polyamorous hypotheticals became so intriguing. What dynamic duos would you choose, and why?

Gale and Peeta, from Hunger Games
          Edward and Jacob, from Twilight
             Harry and Ron, from Harry Potter

11 thoughts on “Marry Date or Dump: Young Adult Polygamy Edition

  1. Haha… I would love to see a book’s love triangle end in a threesome, just because it would be something different for a change.

  2. I never really thought about this, but you raise an excellent point. The image of Ron and Harry fighting over who is better in bed made me laugh out loud…thanks!

  3. Gale and Peeta because they never really interact in the books… I don’t remember them ever fighting over Katniss, so it would be intresting to watch that!

    1. Yeah, I think in many ways Gale and Peeta (even without a third partner) are the ideal relationship. Gale can hunt, Peeta can back – both are nicer people than Katniss. It would certainly be interesting.

  4. Wow, there’s a new angle! I think I’d date Gale and Peeta, marry Edward & Jacob and dump Harry and Ron… reasoning? Um, I feel like Edward and Jacob round each other out well – between the two of them you have a mostly good husband and also one hell of a body guard duo. Gale and Peeta are both intriguing but I don’t think either would do it for me in the long run. Harry and Ron? Meh.

    1. Very interesting choices. You would certainly be protected with Edward and Jacob … although they would always be complaining about you smelling like the other one.

  5. Marry Harry and Ron, date Peeta and Gale, dump Edward and Jacob.

    However, the only reason I’m marrying Harry and Ron is because I don’t
    dislike either of them, when really, given the choice, I’d take Peeta
    over both of them, but I really dislike Gale. Such a good one.

  6. I think the obvious choice is to marry Harry and Ron, because then you would have magic! I don’t have to wash the dishes-one of them will do it with magic! That’s the life. I’d date Peeta and Gale primarily for Peeta, I despised Gale in the books. Though he does seem like he might be fun to argue, maybe have sex with, in a Mr. and Mrs. Smith type of way. Edward and Jacob are just no.

  7. I would marry Harry and Ron; magic obviously dictates the choice in this decision. I would date Peeta and Gale because i would like to see how living without my first world amenities would change me for the better. And dump (or never step a foot towards) Edward and Jacob, I seriously don’t need someone following me around like a puppy dog and I am comfortable being on my own.

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