Call Me Maybe (that song stuck in your head)

Am I the only one who still likes this song? I figure it has reached the peak of popularity, because now even my mom knows the words. There is probably no way people are having deep conversations decoding the lyrics, but it is fun and catchy. Here are some of my favorite videos and remixes surrounding the song. Which one(s) do you like best?

Call Me Maybe remixed with 99 Problems by Jay Z (this remix was actually my introduction to the song).

For some reason I can’t embed this video of James Franco and friend lip synching to the song, but it is very random and giggly and you can watch it here.

To me the funniest of all is still the official music video:

5 thoughts on “Call Me Maybe (that song stuck in your head)

  1. My S.O. loves the Jimmy Fallon, but she’s just so adorable in the original one, I can’t help but love it!

  2. Update: I was at a wedding this weekend and on the thirty minute bus ride from the ceremony to the reception the bus driver played this song on a loop the whole time.

    I now hate this song … how upsetting.

  3. LOVE it – I was that girl, I had a v sexy neighbour called Darren Foley .. I used to take the dog for a walk about the time he came home from work in hot pants…. oh dear !!

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