Marry Date or Dump: The Volturi

They are everyone’s favorite vampire royals. If you HAD to marry, date and dump each one, which Voluturi would you choose for which role? Let me know in the comments. People with reasons get extra credit!

Aro Volturi, who can read every thought a person has ever had once he has made physical contact
Marcus Volturi, who senses the strength and nature of relationships
Caius Volturi, who has no known powers



8 thoughts on “Marry Date or Dump: The Volturi

  1. Marry – Marcus because if he loves me and he must if he is marrying me I think the fact he can sense the strength of the relationship would be helpful not harmful. Dump – Aro because a girl has to have some secrets and that leave dating Caius because he is the only one left.

  2. I’m going to marry Caius, because he has no powers and is by far the cutest. Dump Aro because I would hate for someone to get in my head like that… and date Marcus because he’s not creepy, but is kinda old.

  3. Marry- Caius; because face it even if he has no powers he is cute.
    Date- Marcus; because even if he is old; he is kinda a downer, but who wouldn’t? I mean he lost his mate, and in the books it says he danced the nights away with Didyme, and who wouldn’t love a good dance partner???
    Dump- Aro; Because he act just like a little kid in a candy store all the time, it would get old fast, and everyone has there secrets and some they want to keep so it would get tiring to try and defend your every thought and secret to him.

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