Kristen and Rob: Back Together! (?)

As some of you might know, the whole Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, and ensuing Robert Pattinson break up in July caused me a little distress. In fact, you can read about it in this post. I discovered, that I was not alone in this. In the days following the alarming news, we tried to analyze the relationships chances through messages on Kristen and Robert’s t-shirts, checked hourly for updates, and almost lost it when we heard that Robert was putting the couple’s shared house on the market and was hiding out at Reese Witherspoon …. okay, maybe that was just me.

The close attention didn’t just last for days or weeks. When Robert went on the publicity circuit for Cosmopolis, everyone was watching to see if he would fall apart or give us a clue as to the future of their relationship. He was (perhaps unsurprisingly) mum on the subject. Even though he did look adorable eating ice cream on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, things didn’t look good.

It surprises me then that as the couple has apparently gotten back together, that people aren’t making a bigger deal. It trickled up last week on a few entertainment cite. This week (I would say a more reputable site, also the cite that broke the break up scandal to begin with) confirmed the rumors. They are back together. The house isn’t being sold.

The surprise in fact has me questioning if they are really back together. I’m crossing my fingers, waiting for the Breaking Dawn premiere … and looking for something healthier to fill my time/interest.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower: thoughts on the movie and the book

The Perks of Being a Wallflower marks another trend I am a late adopter of. I read the book for the first time last week and saw the movie this weekend. This might not be the most interesting opinion but both completely enthralled me.  The book has been on my goodreads too read list for years, but it was a desire to read the book before the movie that made me pick up the book.

My desire to see the movie was part David Levithan recommending it at the National Book festival, part intrigue based on the very “cool” trailer, and part interest in seeing how Bobby from Jack and Bobby and Hermione would play characters. It is kind of funny to test these child star’s adult acting abilities, in films where they are playing children.

Emma Watson and Logan Lerman pass this strange test with flying colors.  Ezra Miller as Patrick has been particularly lauded in the media, but Logan Lerman as Charlie seemed to me to be the most difficult and successful. The attention is on him the entire film, but from the title to his long letters to “a friend” he is defined by a lack of charisma. Learman walks this line, remaining interesting, sympathetic, relatable, and, yes, a wallflower. In fact, I think his performance adds depths that make the character stronger in the film than the book (there are fewer moments of reader frustration/annoyance).

The closeness of the film to the book, is due to the novel’s author Stephen Chbosky’s role as screenwriter and director. The film is more reflective, while the book is active and in the moment, but they are slightly different interpretations of the exact same story. All of my favorite moments from the book are included.

Another difference is that while the book is firmly set in 1991, the movie seems more timeless. When I told my Mom it was set in the early 90’s, her response was, “I wondered why they were making mixed tapes that way and why the cordless phones were so big.” The clothing, music, haircuts (etc) matched the time, but resisted the urge to be campy and overstated.

Where both the novel and the film intrigues the most is in the tension between contrary elements of success. The protagonist is by definition isolated, but also charming. The story shows an overall sense of ethics, but also contains moral ambiguity and relativism. It exposes the lightheartedness of youth, first friendship and first love – and the depth and weight of young adult life. It is both unique/individual and relatable. I imagine that Chbosky knows not only what is in Charlie’s bedroom drawer. He knows how Charlie thinks about it, and feels about it, and what emotions and memories each item triggers.

I think to say more, would be to give away details of the story – which I want you to discover for yourself. If you want to laugh and feel good about yourself, this is not the book/movie for that feeling (go see Pitch Perfect – it is also amazing and much more light hearted).  But I definitely suggest you read this book and watch this movie if you get the chance. If you do – or you have – let me know what you think!

Links for a Lazy Sunday

Hi blog friends. Here are some fun links I’ve seen on the internet this week.

What does Jane Austen have to do with neuroscience? Find out in this Huffington Post blog post.  Also an Israeli singer-songwriter has put the words of Emily Dickinson to music. Listen and read more here.

Love them or hate them, ebooks are changing publishing. This infographic shows how. If you want to get in on the action, here are the steps to publishing your book through Amazon kindle. I’m still on the fence about self publishing vs. more traditional routes, but this seemed like the clearest explanation of a self publishing process I’ve seen.

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty infatuated with Lena Dunham. Yeah Girls is awkward and uncomfortable – but it is also fresh, funny, and pretty authentic/genuine. Also how is anyone so consistently charming in interviews. I will definitely be reading her book when it comes out.

I finally got on the Perks of Being a Wallflower bandwagon this week (only 10+ years late!). If you are similarly enthralled, I think you’ll enjoy this Vanity Fair interview with author and subsequent screenwriter and director Stephen Chbosky.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Marry Date or Dump: Faun, Minotaur or Centaur

I’m taking a Coursera class on Greek mythology, which might explain this weeks quandry. Half man, half beast – which mythical creatures would you marry date and dump? Answer int the comments section below. Thanks!

Faun (half man, half goat)

Minotaur (half man, half bull)

Centaur (half man, half horse)