Marry Date or Dump: Peter Rabbit and Friends

This week we are entering the world of Beatrix Potter, because we frankly don’t do enough anthropomorphizing of fictional animals on this blog. Let us know who you would marry, date, and dump in the comments sections below. Double points if you let us know why!

                Peter Rabbit
          Squirrel Nutkin
             Tom Kitten


4 thoughts on “Marry Date or Dump: Peter Rabbit and Friends

  1. Dump, dump and dump. If memory serves me correctly, they were all brats. I don’t want a bratty guy. I want to be the one that’s slightly bratty. Two brats just make more trouble than they’re worth 😉

  2. Peter Rabbit was greedy and ran away from his mom… Tom Kitten was a badly behaved child that ripped all his clothes and got his sisters into trouble… and I’m sad to say I don’t know who Squrriel Nutkin is!
    I’ll marry Peter because he seems like the best option, date Nutkin to see what he’s like and dump Tom, the brat!

  3. I would marry Mrs Tiggy-Winkle (steady job, generously washes lost pocket-handkins, makes you tea, is generally awesome), date Benjamin Bunny (forever my favorite, kind of a bad boy who turns out to be a good husband but probably isn’t as good to marry as Mrs Tiggy-Winkle) and dump Jemima Puddleduck (such a silly goose… duck).

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