Links for a Lazy Sunday

First off, even though it feels somewhat obvious to say it, our thoughts are with the families in Newton.  I work in a preschool, and the news from Friday is still hard to believe. If there is a correct or politically correct response to this tragedy, I don’t know what it is. I will say that while I have no ability to know if stricter gun control or a higher investment in mental health issues could have prevented these horrible events, I do believe that both are good things that have the ability to prevent future losses.

The internet reaction has been emotional and varied. Two posts in particular caught my intention. I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother – from the perspective of a mother of a mentally ill son, and You Are Not His Mother – a response post that points out there is still so much we don’t know and the danger of attributing criminality to all who are mentally ill. I found both pretty thought provoking and valid. I also found this quote, by Mister Rogers, strangely comforting against this weekend’s overwhelming feeling that there will probably always be evil and cruelty and moments of despair present in this world.

In happier news from around the internet:

Have a good and safe week everyone, and happy holidays!



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