Marry Date or Dump: Little Women

Girls who read this book, love to talk about which March sister they are most like. I suspect many boys (if they read the book) would talk about which one they would marry … or maybe, knowing a very little bit about the ways of teenage boys, which sister was hottest.



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The Matched Series: How Much Is True Love Worth?

matched series

Some people might say, if you’ve read one dystopian novel you’ve read them all. Those people (or even people who only think it) should probably not read the Matched series by Ally Condie. If you are only going to read one, or even two, young adult, dystopian series you should probably read The Giver or maybe Hunger Games. If you, like me, love dystopia and plan on reading a lot of them, then I can suggest you get your hands on these books.

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Michelle Obama Gets Bangs: And They Look Great

If you’ve read the about section of this blog, or ever had a conversation with me, you may know that I am a big fan of bangs. In fact, I think everyone pretty much looks better with bangs. When Kim Kardashian fake got bangs it almost broke my heart (even though now I guess her bangs are real). Well who cares about Kim K? Because now Michelle Obama, the First Lady, has joined my team and has bangs for the inauguration. I’ve seen a lot of haters around the internet. But I think they look pretty fantastic. Also she looks at least 10 years younger – and who would have thought that was possible just three days ago? Who else is excited?



Links for a (Late) Lazy Sunday


Hello blog friends! It has been such a lazy Sunday that I haven’t even posted my links yet. This might be a new low. In fact, if it wasn’t for my new fancy pedometer (the fitbit) then there would have been zero chance of me getting off the couch today. Anyways, here are some fun and/or interesting things from around the internet.

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