A Few Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

valentineEven though I haven’t had a romantic type valentine since kindergarten (which everyone knows doesn’t count and included copious amounts of chocolate which is my least favorite thing to eat of all time) I kind of love Valentines Day. I think it is great to have a day that is about letting the people you love know that you appreciate them being in your life. In order to combat the extreme Valentines Day hatred that seems to have permeated the internet this week, I am going to be adding to this list throughout the day for some fun ways to celebrate that don’t involve Bachelor-like fantasy dates or public declarations of love. If you have any ideas please post in the comments! Thanks and Happy V Day!

  • Sign up for a free 30 day trial with Audibles and receive a free audiobook version of Pride and Prejudice. So much romantic brooding! Be warned you will fall in love with Audibles and not be able to leave after 30 days.
  • Read these love letters between LBJ and Lady Bird. They are maybe the most romantic thing I’ve ever read. You will swoon.
  • Check out The World Needs More Love Letters, a project that uses the internet to collect handwritten letters from around the world for people who really need them. Also watch founder, Hannah Brencher’s TED Talk. It explains how the project started and how it has changed her life.
  • Print out a free valentine card template from My Fancy Brain, color it in and give it to a friend (or in the spirit of the world needs more love letters – a stranger who looks like they could use it).

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