Wordless Wednesday: Disney Film Inspirations


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Marry Date or Dump: Game Show Hosts


when-culling-meme-generator-you-are-the-weakest-link-goobye-37b83bLet’s make a deal! I list three of America’s favorite game show hosts and you tell me who you would marry, who you would date, and who you would dump in the comments below. The only difference between this and a real game show is (1) you won’t get any $$$ (2) there aren’t any write or wrong answers (3) everyone is a winner! I’m still puzzling this one out myself, so I’m excited to read your reasons.

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The Madness Underneath: A Strong Sequel

the madness underneath

*** This review contains no spoilers for The Madness Underneath, but does have spoilers for The Name of the Star (the first book in the series)

When I started The Madness Underneath, by Maureen Johnson (Book 2 in the Shades of London series) I knew the book wouldn’t be bad … but I also didn’t expect much. Maureen Johnson is definitely a good writer, as well as being one of Alison Lee’s favorite young adult authors. Still, the first book in the series, The Name of the Star, left me feeling kind of mehh about continuing the series.

Where the Name of the Star seemed to be doing too much and contained abrupt shifts between contemporary YA romance to paranormal historical paranormal, The Madness Underneath seemed to be as consistent as the wit of main character Rory  Devereaux.

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