Links for a Lazy Sunday

Hello friends! Sorry that I am more than a little late with my links post. This Sunday has been so un-lazy for me that this is the first chance I’ve gotten to sit down and type this up. And now we are less than two minutes away from the Mad Men premier: pretty exciting stuff. Still, if you are a free minute or two, here are some of the more interesting things I’ve found around the web in the last few weeks.

Flavorwire  posted photos of famous authors when they were teenagers, here. You can pretty much tell that Samuel Clemens looks like I imagine Huck Finn looking in my head, and who knew Anias Nin is such a beauty!

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) at age fifteen.

Books, Tea & Me listed her top ten literary crushes and in the process reminded me of some of my favorite fictional men. Even though I haven’t thought about Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables in a long time, but I am having some serious day dreams about breaking my slate over a curly-haired, male rival which will probably (hopefully?) never be fulfilled. Also Fred Weasley is on this list but not George. If anyone understands this and/or has a preferred Weasley twin, please explain in the comments.

It’s less than one month until Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” hits theaters. I thought I couldn’t be any more excited, and then I saw the new trailer and the soundtrack. Now I really can’t wait.

Finally, Lauren Willig, author of The Pink Carnation Series (one of my all time favs!) has a new book coming out this week. The Ashford Affair is her first non-pink carnation book, and it sounds delightful. It spans time and location, jumping from Manhattan to England to Kenya.

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