Marry, Date or Dump: Robin Hood

robin hood main photoHi everyone. Sorry Marry, Date or Dump is a little late this week. There have been hundreds of versions of Robin Hood. This is unsurprising because it is a great story. Steal from the rich and give to the poor! It’s a great mixture of adventure and social commentary. I chose three of my favorite Robin Hoods, Errol Flynn from the 1938 film, the fox from the Walt Disney version, and Cary Elwes from Robin Hood Men in Tights. You know what to do – tell me in the comments which Robin Hood you would marry, which you would date, and which you would dump. Feel free to substitute my choices with different Robin Hoods, or different characters from the story. If Little John or Friar Tuck are more in line with your romantic taste then more power to you! 

Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn
Walt Disney's Robin Hook aka The Fox
Walt Disney’s Robin Hook aka The Fox
Men in Tights
Cary Elwes from Men in Tights

11 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Robin Hood

  1. This is so funny I was thinking – Oh a Marry Date or Dump – Robin Hood would be perfect – although I must admit I like when we choose between characters instead of representation of characters – also no Kevin Costner ;( – ok Marry the Fox – he is the best, I guess date Errol Flynn – I have my reputation to uphold and dump Cary Elwes.

  2. I would marry Cary Elwes because, seriously. I’d dump the cartoon fox ultimately because I think it would be hard to have a long lasting relationship with a cartoon character. I suppose I’d date Errol Flynn because I’ve never seen that version of the movie so I’d want to get to know him first.

  3. I’d actually have to dump Errol Flynn. I LOVE to watch him, but actually being with someone who is constantly so Intense and Larger Than Life does not jive well for me with either partnership or a balanced life. Date Cary Elwes-singing, all about the sexual tension, and dashing adventures are all my idea of a perfect fling, but without enough substance to marry. Marry the Fox-he’s both goofy and sincere, and seems to have the most awareness. In short, he seems the most balanced and fun character to actually get along with on a daily basis.

  4. Ha ha! I love these marry, date, or dump posts!!!! I would date Errol Flynn, dump the fox (even though I liked that movie), and dump Cary (though I’d date him for Princess Bride). But really, Robin is too hung up on Maid Marian, so he’s not marriage material in my book.

  5. Wow, a difficult choice! I suppose I’d marry Errol Flynn. Definitely date Cary Elwes. Dump Kevin Costner. But really, I’d much rather marry Alan Rickman, date Basil Rathbone, and dump Roger Rees. Love those sheriffs.

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