Marry, Date or Dump: Odysseus, Achilles & Hector

This week we are going to travel back to Homer’s Greece. Let me know which hero from the Odyssey or the Iliad you would marry, date and dump in the comments below. I’m pretty excited to find out who choose! Also as a side note, given the option to provide pictures of the characters from the film Troy or pictures of statues … I choose Troy, not the serious choice but I think Brad Pitt more than makes up for it.



14 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Odysseus, Achilles & Hector

  1. Now you’re talking! Love The Iliad and the Odyssey. I would marry Odysseus. He’s clever and loyal, despite the treachery of the gods and the shenanigans of Calypso. Some might dump him for that though. I would also marry Hector. He’s the marrying kind: good husband, soldier, father, etc. I would probably date Achilles, because he’s got the whole invincible thing going for him, except for the heel. But then, I would dump him.

  2. I would have to agree with you Alison. As much as I love the Odyssey (It’s my favorite, ever) I would have to marry Hector, he’s just so swoon-worthy and loyal, the fiercest warrior(on this side of the war) and marriage-centered, he was very sweetly devoted to Andromache. I would date Odysseus, he’s sly and I feel like would somehow trick me into breaking up with him, if he tired of me. Finally I would dump Achilles, he’s just so EMO, all the time.

    1. Could not agree more about Achilles. When I read the books in high school all the girls loved him, but I was like really? He seems like such a whiner to me. Thanks for commenting!

  3. After way too much deliberation, I am marrying Odysseus dating Achilles and dumping Hector. Hector may be the best of the bunch but I don’t think he would be that much fun to date and I think Odysseus is is more my type.

  4. Definitely dump Achilles–ain’t nobody got time for anger issues like that! I’d date Odysseus, since he’s the cunning, charming bad boy who will end up screwing around on you, and marry Hector, the all-around honorable royal!

  5. I would marry Hector because he is so devoted and his actions express his priorities so clearly. Seems like an unpopular opinion but I would date Achilles – come on he is a demigod! His brooding passion glory complex would be exciting for a minute. And dump Odysseus – two decades away and too tricky!

  6. Great topic, lot of fun, congratualtions . Reading all the posts, Hector is prefered by most girls, so the title should not suggest that he is the one to dump 🙂
    I would have to see Hector and Odisseus because I like them equally for marriage and I am a visual person.
    I always had a feeling for Hector , since I was in school, I had no ideea why. Reading Iliada later, I liked him even more, he’s the perfect guy, brave, loyal, wisdom,pacifist. He must have been good looking too, very fit (horse tamer and solder) and pretty face as well becaue he was brother of Paris who was said beautiful. Then, later, seeing the movie, I loved Eric Bana.I would marry him.
    Odisseus was not a tricky guy at all, he spent 10 years on seas and refused imortality just to see his wife. He’s clever too and if so many women from Odissea wanted to keep him, he should have been good looking. In the movie,Sean Bean is cool and hot, I would marry him too.
    Achiles, date few times and dump . He cannot compare with the other two.

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