Marry, Date or Dump: Women from Game of Thrones

Last week, I gave you the option to marry, date or dump the men from Game of Thrones and your response was overwhelming. The comments I got were so thoughtful, witty and completely incomprehensible (since I haven’t really read the books and only watched one episode) that I knew that I needed to jump on this bandwagon. Since I learned your opinions on men last week I wanted to see what people thought when it came from the series’ ladies. You can choose from any of the women below or let me know who you would pick from my choices in the comments.

women game of thrones

Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen
Sansa Stark
Sansa Stark

I thought about putting Cersei  but she seemed like maybe everyone would dump her – let me know if I was wrong about that in the comments to if you want. I know she is a major character.

11 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Women from Game of Thrones

  1. Ooh, all good choices. I’d have to say marry Daenerys. She is my favorite character of the story. I’m not sure if it’s the dragons or the blond hair with the extremely dark eyebrows that for some reason always catch my attention no matter how many times she’s on the screen in one episode (which in my opinion is never enough!). Date Sansa. I feel so sorry for her. Dump Ygritte, although I have no reason why I would dump her. I like her. “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” -RB Austin

  2. From what I’ve seen (1 and a half seasons, no reading) I would marry Natalie Dormer’s character (11). She’s awesome. She’s aware, a good political strategist, extremely helpful, and comfortable with any kind of marriage arrangement. Shae(6) seems like a fun date or three. Definitely dump 13 the crazy Aron woman who breastfeeds her like 5-year-old. Yeah.

    1. Interesting. I haven’t been watching long so I don’t really have them all straight. I do like Shae though .. I thought about including her in my top choices.

  3. Marry Dany. I would pick her over basically any other female fictional character. She’s my best friend, she just doesn’t know it yet. Date Sanza. Dump Ygritte, only because of what went down in the finale.

  4. Dany is definitely marriage material – she was so devoted to Draco and even succeed in changing his chauvinistic ways – however, I think she is now too focused on the Throne and too wrapped up in freeing the slaves ( both maybe great attributes but lessen her marriage material) – I think Sansa is an idiot – we all know Tyrion is the best ( see last week’s marry, date or dump) so that leaves Ygritte to marry, Sansa to date ( who cares if you date an idiot) and Dany to dump. Although again she is probably the best of the bunch just not right for me.

  5. Yay more Game of Thrones! I agree with these ladies: I’d marry Dany for being a strong, powerful woman, date Sansa if only to give her a teensy bit of happiness in her miserable life, and dump Ygritte–I never liked her! A badass warrior catching feelings on a guy she knew was loyal to his men? It’s she who knows nothing, not Jon Snow!

    1. I’ve been surprised about how most people feel about Ygritte (not that I know anything about her yet, but there seems to be a lot of love for her in other spots around the internet.)

  6. Marry Dany, hands down. She is an epic character (Though I’d feel horrible about it since in the books she SUPER young). I’d Date Ygritte, because wittiness is awesome and her line is like one of the most famous in the entire series, ever. And Finally I’d dump Sansa… cause well, I’d probably make her life more miserable. lol.

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