Links for a Lazy Sunday

bonvoyageHappy Sunday! It’s my last lazy Sunday for awhile. Not that I’m complaining, because the lack of lazy time is due to a really awesome trip I’m going on. In fact, I shouldn’t be lazing around on the internet right now, I have guidebooks to read, suitcases to pack, and blog posts to schedule. But oh well, I suppose a bit of procrastination won’t hurt me … much.

If you are in a similar mood and want to lounge about on the internet here are a few links I’ve found interesting over the last few weeks.

  • If you’re in your 20s and feel like you haven’t figured your life out yet, check out Buzzfeed’s list of 19 Successful People Who Had a Rough Time in their Twenties. If you have figured everything out, you can also look at the list and think to yourself, man I’m ahead of Oprah right now. 
  • According to this article in Discover Magazine your genes may be altered by your ancestor’s experiences. Let’s hope your grandparents had happy childhoods.
  • Sometimes I see writing advice that says to take a break and watch a movie. I never believed it until I read Writing a Novel like a Movie on Terrence King’s Blog.
  • All Kell Broke Lose writes about the fact that New Adult books seem to be exclusively romance/erotica in her blog post I’m a “new adult” so where’s all my romance?
  • Do male romantic leads need to be so perfect looking? Yamina Collins says no! 
  • One of my favorite bloggers on Cross(stich) Your Heart has challenged herself to query 100 agents and indie publishers. I can’t wait until my manuscript is in the position that I can join the challenge!
  • featured an excellent post about the benefits of signing with a new agent.
  • Have you considered the literary implications of the name North West?

9 thoughts on “Links for a Lazy Sunday

      1. Alas, ladies, I am now guilty of reneging on my own stance. In my new fantasy/romance novel The Last King, I DID make my hero attractive – and rich, too. Oh, shame on me. The reason I give is because there aren’t a lot of fantasy/romance novels with an African-American male and female in the lead roles, and I guess I didn’t want to put my people in this vastly unrepresented genre for blacks with, well, ugly black people. Please don’t shoot me. And I still stand by my article, for the most part. Sigh. I also plan for my second fantasy novel to have a male romantic lead with a deformity, as that’s part of the plot. Best to all, Yamina

  1. Thank you for yet another link to my blog! I always love reading your posts when they come out, glad to have such an awesome blog-friend.

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