See You Later Blogosphere!

I just wanted to write a quick note to say that I am off on my trip. My bags are finally packed and my dad is picking me up in a few hours. I’m so excited to see my extended family in Michigan and then explore three new cities. Thank you so much to all my blog friends that recommended books for my trip. I’ve already started a few and I can tell there is at least one, maybe two, that I’ll want to review here.

I’ve pre-scheduled some posts and have some great guest posts coming your way. And just because I may not be responding to comments, doesn’t mean I won’t have a blast scrolling through them when I get back.Hopefully I’ll have some good stories to bring you back in August, along with two major goals I hope to accomplish when I return. Aside from the whole finishing my novel thing I want to (1) create a video blog post and (2) figure out how to get more advanced review copies to feature on the blog.

So, yeah, please keep reading!

4 thoughts on “See You Later Blogosphere!

  1. Have a wonderful trip – can’t wait to hear the funny stories. Sounds like new excitement is coming to the blog soon!

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