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Happy Sunday Friends! As I am still travelling I didn’t want to pre-schedule a links post because I’m sure they would be horribly out of date. My mother has been very generous in writing me some great blog posts while I’m away. Here she put together a collection of her favorite posts from Hardcovers & Heroines. I know this is a little self-serving, but if you are a new reader you might want to see what she has to say. 

I have been following this blog since the very first post. After 18 months of enjoyment I thought it was time for a look back at all time favorites:

Wordless Wednesday: This was the hardest category to pick. There are so many great ones. If you are ever having a difficult day a perusal back through these can change your mood.

Marry Date or Dump: It was a hard decision how to evaluate these. Should I pick the ones with my favorite characters? The ones with the hardest choices or the ones with the easiest choices? I decided to choose ones that were the most fun to think about:

Book Reviews: I’m choosing reviews which convinced me to read the book- not necessarily my favorite book or my favorite reviews.You can go to the book reviews section to read Alison Doherty’s Reviews or Alison Lee’s Reviews and see what books you might be interested in. Here are the books I have read after reading the reviews on this blog:

  • Night Circus
  • Ender’s Game
  • Every Day
  • Burn for Burn
  • Chopsticks
  • Tides

*Also wanted to give a shout out to Wrinkle in Time – great reviews but I had already read this book in my childhood.

Other Posts: These are the categories you can easily go back and revisit on the blog. I did want to mention just a couple of other blog posts I’ve found interesting.

Alison Lee posted several Would you Rather dilemia’s like, would you rather see a movie alone or eat alone. She made me think about how people choose books to read and last summer she informed me that some people are not re-readers.

A year ago, Alison Doherty (my daughter) posed the question Is this what ”you can do anything” meant?. She made me blush by writing Fifty Shades of Blushing. Also check-out Cups and Can male authors write perfect male characters?.

I hope you have enjoyed this too long blast from the past  – it has been fun for me to look back.

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