Marry Date or Dump: Disney Princesses

I had so much fun as a kid debating with my sister and cousins which Disney princess I was the most like. For me it was always a tie between Belle, because she likes to read, and Sleeping Beauty, because her dress changes color. Never did this conversations turn to which Princess would be the best to marry, but I thought it would be a fun question to ask all of you. Since everyone has their favorites I decided not to limit the discussion to three choices. Out of all the disney princesses who would you marry, date, and dump? Let me know in the comments!



12 thoughts on “Marry Date or Dump: Disney Princesses

  1. I’d marry Jasmine-she’s a strong, adventurous, woman with a lot of empathy. Also, a pet tiger like I’ve wanted ever since seeing her movie! I’d date Ariel-I think we’d wind up doing a lot of fun things and having interesting stories to tell after her naive impulsiveness leads to a breakup. I’d dump Merida-I can’t see myself sitting there hearing her complain about her mother, brag about bear-dealing, or watching her showoff in archery at all.

    The reason Belle is not included is because she is obviously a close friend of mine here. We talk about books a lot, but I think we’re too similar for a relationship to work.

  2. If I was a dashing Disney prince, I’d marry Belle, because she reads, and I read, and we could have awesome fun reading times together.
    I would date Rapunzel, because I think she’s adorable.
    And then I would dump Pocahontas, because we all know she’s pining after John Smith anyway.

  3. so I know the older princess better and have always had a great affinity for Belle – combines reading with ” wanting adventure in the great wide somewhere” – however, I think I would marry Tiana who works hard to fulfill her own dreams but never forgets the importance of family, date Rapunzel who seems fun but a little dumb and dump Snow White – too much servitude.

  4. I’m with books for a delicate eternity. If I were a dashing prince or even a well-to-do commoner, I’d marry Tiana or Belle; date Rapunzel and Jasmine until either grew up a bit more, and dump Ariel, Briar Rose, Merida, Cinderella, and Snow White. The jury’s still out on Pocohontas.

  5. Marry Mulan, because I think she’s strong and brave while still managing to be loving. Date… Maybe Belle? She’s very similar to me. And dump Cinderella, because she’s always annoyed me.

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