Marry Date or Dump: Hamlet

hamIn Hamlet, Shakespeare tells us that brevity is the soul of wit so I will keep this brief. Hamlet is not only one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, but also the best Gilligan’s Island episode of all time. So make your decision known in the comments. Out of Hamlet, Laertes, and Horatio who would you marry, date, and dump?¬†

Hamlet, title character and prince of Denmark
Hamlet, title character and prince of Denmark
Horatio, Hamlet's best friend
Horatio, Hamlet’s best friend
Laertes, brother to Ophelia and son of Polonius
Laertes, brother to Ophelia and son of Polonius

6 thoughts on “Marry Date or Dump: Hamlet

  1. I’m afraid I’m not quite as familiar with Hamlet as you are, and I have never watched Gilligan’s island (not sure it’s been aired here in Sweden at all), but I’ll have a go anyway. I’ve really missed these memes from Tumblr.
    I’ll marry Horatio, date Laertes and dump Hamlet.

  2. Yeah, I’d do the same as everyone else for myself: Marry reasonable-philosopher Horatio, date protective brother-turned-bad-boy Laertes, dump the wishy-washy prince. So, to make it interesting, here’s what I’d do for them in Hannibal’s universe:

    Set Horatio up with Will Graham. Will is actually a MORE stable sensitive, influential guy for Horatio to be intrigued by and loyal to, and let’s face it-Will could use an honest,loyal, reasonable Horatio more than anyone else in popular culture right now. It’ll be a bromance marriage.

    Set Laertes up with Freddie Lowndes. Her awfulness would bring out the edginess of his character while her closeness to danger would keep his good side of protectiveness strong, too. I think they’d keep each other more balanced when dating.

    I’d let Hannibal play around with Hamlet. The damage is already done, why not let the work be taken over by a master? Hannibal would be grateful to me and Hamlet would have the benefit of actually going crazy at a safe distance from those he really cares about.

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