Links for a Lazy Sunday

Back in the USA! I’ll write more about my trip this week. It was fantastic, but I’m definitely excited to be plugged back in on the internet. I want to give another huge thanks to the people who wrote guest posts for me while I was gone. I hope everyone takes a peak at the fabulous blogs of Jackie Lea Sommers and L. Marie. Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed while vegging out and waiting for my jet lag to pass.

  • Of course I missed John Green and his clever videos while abroad. Here is one of my favorites from the last month: 
  • The Atlantic interviews Stephen King and discovers why he spends months, and sometimes years writing his opening sentences. 
  • It’s almost August and that means that in just a few days I will start worrying about my birthday and turning 26. As I prepare to say goodbye to age 25, I was happy to read Laura Donovan’s 25 Things I Know Now That I’m Turning 25. 
  • They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Book publishers obviously don’t agree. Buzzfeed takes a look at 19 Book Cover Cliches. My favorites are woman in a long backless dress and just some leaves. They get me every time.19-book-cover-cliches-1-30432-1374847808-23_wide
  • It’s a tie for me whether the most exciting thing that happened while I was away was the birth of the royal baby or the discovery of a new J.K. Rowling novel. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this mystery especially after reading this article about it in the New York Times.
  • I loved reading this post on Book Riot and imagining what jewelry I would give to my favorite literary heroines.
  • Happy birthday to Beatrix Potter! Who knows maybe if I get motivated I’ll make a bunny cake or at the very least eat some carrots.
  • Hold the phone, Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellows is adapting Romeo and Juliet. And Ed Westwick, aka Chuck from Gossip Girl, is playing Tybalt. I could not be more excited, especially after seeing (and loving) Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. Seriously this looks SO GOOD!

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