Top Ten Books I Wish Had Sequels


I have been a long time fan of Top Ten Tuesday on The Broke and The Bookish. Lots of my other favorite blogs participate and I love looking through the lists and thinking about what my answers would be. While the last thing I need in my life is another weekly feature … but I could not resist weighing in on this week’s list topic: stand alone books that I wish had a sequel. So here is my list. Let me know which stand-alone books you wish had sequels in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Wish Had Sequels

  1. Gone with the Wind does have a sequel! It’s called Scarlett. It’s not written by Margaret Mitchell, and it’s not really worth reading, but it is an official sequel.

    1. I will have to hunt for the Catcher in the Rye prequel stories … I just wonder what Holden would be like as an adult. Would he grow up? Would he become a phony? So many questions.

      1. (I’m currently re-reading The Night Circus.)

        OHMYGOSH, wouldn’t you just die if there was a companion novel set like five years down the road all about Bailey and Poppet? I would. I would just absolutely die. And then hope the book would be available in the afterlife.

  2. Great list. I’m kind of glad some of these don’t have sequels. I so love them and would hate to see them butchered by a half-hearted attempt, especially if the author simply wasn’t feeling it. I could wish that Harper Lee had written a sequel to TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. But that book was so perfect, I can’t imagine a follow-up.

  3. Ella Enchanted Sequel! This is one of the best ideas ever! There are so many ways to take it! Ella and Char have to figure out why strange things are happening in the kingdom. Ella and Char are visited by a fairy elder who’s long fought for fairies to stop hiding who they are and thinks now that a monarch is a Friend of the Fairies it can happen, and her name is Maleficent, and they are caught in a fairy political war, and Sleeping Beauty will never be the same again. Ella and her fairy godmother find out that one of the big gifts Lucinda gave to an old woman was a tiny daughter no bigger than her thumb who’s now missing. So many things!!!

  4. Gail Carson Levine actually did write another novel set in the “Ella Enchanted” universe – “Fairest” tells the story of a girl in the neighboring kingdom of Ayortha. I enjoyed it very much, though not as much as “Ella”! 🙂

    1. I had similar feelings about fairest. I was excited to return to the magical world … but I think what I really want is more Ella and Char!

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