Links for a Lazy Sunday


I don’t know how many ways there are to say Happy Sunday. Probably a lot. That is something I should look into if I’m going to keep writing links posts on Sundays. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend and that if you find yourself wanting to peruse bookish or writerly things on the Internet you take a look at some of my favorite links:

  • (Almost) Everyone says the best way to become a writer is to write, but here are 35 other things you can do that will also improve your writing.
  • If you haven’t seen Malcolm Gladwell’s TED talk on spaghetti sauce and happiness from 2004, then I suggest you stop whatever else you are doing and watch it right now. My uncle sent it to me (probably because I love spaghetti) and it was pretty thought-provoking/inspiring/interesting/etc. 
  • I’ve kept a diary of some kind since I was in the fourth grade. Now I have a blog. Sometimes it’s hard not to confuse the two. Here’s a discussion on HuffPost Books on Blogging vs. Journaling.
  • BuzzFeed shared 25 young adult books for adults who don’t read YA books.
  • This looks like a version of Beer Pong I could get behind.
  • Five books that inspire great mixed tapes. I’d love a mixed tape based on the music from Eleanor & Park.
  • Is anyone else in to these Harry Potter coasters? I don’t think I could bring myself to tear up the book to make them though.

2 thoughts on “Links for a Lazy Sunday

  1. I’ll definitely look at the Malcolm video, because I love his books. Thanks for such great links! Can’t wait to read the Huffington Post article after I type this.

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