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Hello friends! I’m currently heading down the coast with my mom (!) to see my sister (!) and see LA for the first time ever (!!!). I’m not going to be using the internet for much more than google maps today, but with the magic of prescheduling posts, here are a few links I found pretty neat:

  • Some serious English major love from the Chronicle of Higher Education along with 28 signs you majored in English.
  • Literary wedding tips. I am far far far away from needing this, but have to admit that I swooned a little bit at the engagement rings hidden in books. 
  • A review of The Transfer, by Veronica Roth. This might be terrible, but I’m adding it to my TBR list.
  • What is crossover fiction? I still don’t know, but this article is the most articulate answer I’ve found yet.
  • A bit of writing encouragement from Kate Brauning at The Bookshelf.
  • Do you have to be married to be considered an adult? No!
  • Some really disturbing statistics on reading.
  • A thoughtful response to some serious double standards on teenage female sexuality.
  • Bookish Posters. (stacks on stacks on stacks)
  • An interview with David Levithan, whose books Two Boys Kissing and Boy Meets Boy I’ll be reviewing next week. Spoiler alert: I was enchanted by both of them. In fact, here are some great quotes from Two Boys Kissing to wet your appetite.

What cool things have you found lately around the world wide web? Let me know in the comments!

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