Marry, Date or Dump: Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo


This Monday, I decided to present you with three godly choices. Greek godly choices to be exact. In the comments below, let me know who you would marry, date, and dump out of Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo. If Hermes or Hades or another Greed god comes to mind, feel free to substitute your choices for mine. Next week we’ll be doing the same with Greek goddesses. 

Zeus: King of the gods.
Zeus: King of the gods.
Poseidon: God of the Sea
Poseidon: God of the Sea
Apollo: The Sun God
Apollo: The Sun God


11 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo

  1. Actually I think I’d opt for Hades, older brother of Zeus and Poseidon. He was at least just and faithful.
    I’d date Poseidon. He is always a bit hot head but he’s had over 100 lovers, of both genders. He must have some appealing qualities.
    I’d dump little brother Zeus, he’s a player with a serious god complex.

  2. Date Zeus, everyone else is doing it, you know?
    Dump Apollo. Can’t really say why, just doesn’t appeal to me.
    Marry Poseidon. It’s for a myriad of inside joke related reasons, but I’d be SEVERELY letting my college roommates down if I said anyone else.

      1. It’s so convoluted. Basically, I was supposed to try out for something and skipped it to watch Jaws and because it was raining, my roommate said it was a sign from Poseidon? Anyway, then anytime it rained when we wanted to do something it was a because we hadn’t paid Poseidon proper homage…I don’t know. It was hilarious to us.

  3. Well, I know of very good reasons to stay the hell away from all of them, but if I have to…
    -Marry Apollo. I like serenades, we can talk about poetry, he’ll be busy all day, and Artemis would be my sister!
    -Date Poseidon. He at least has a less terrible rape rapsheet and I’d get to frolic with his seafoam horses!
    -Dump Zeus. Even if you escape raping and don’t care about fidelity, he comes with a jealous Hera.

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