Upcoming Movie Adaptations of Popular YA Novels

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Which movies are you most excited for? Which ones do you want to hurry to read the book before the movie comes out?

I’m pretty pumped to see all of them (except for Vampire Academy, which I haven’t read). I love Ender’s Game  but feel pretty conflicted about the controversy surrounding homophobic remarks of author Orson Scott Card. I’m especially excited to see how they pull off The Book Thief, but I’m pretty sure that I will bawl my eyes out the whole time. Also excited to see Mr. Pamuk from Downton Abbey transformed into Four in Divergent … and obviously thrilled for the new Hunger Games movies and TFIOS. Who am I kidding? The next year is going I’m going to be like a kid in a candy store when it comes to deciding what movies to go see!

15 thoughts on “Upcoming Movie Adaptations of Popular YA Novels

  1. I’m excited to see those movies too! The Book Thief is next on my to-read list and I wasn’t too big a fan of Vampire Academy, but I’ll most likely watch it anyway. Definitely looking forward to Divergent and TFIOS. I also just purchased Ender’s Game, so I’m looking forward to reading it. 😀

  2. I am excited for the Hunger Games and Ender’s Game (i need to re-read this one, since it has been over 10 years). I am haven’t read any of the other books, so I cannot gauge my level of excitement for them.

  3. I just read Ender’s Game and Speaker for The Dead, and I’m wildly obsessed, and really can’t wait for the movie. It’s such an interesting story and also I would watch Harrison Ford read a phone book. And if that phone book is in space, then even better. Also the Hunger Games sequels and The Book Thief.

  4. I am over the moon excited for Catching Fire & Divergent. The Hunger Games trilogy are just my favorite and Jennifer Lawrence is my spirit animal, so I take all the JLaw I can get 😛

    But I’m also a huge fan of Divergent so I’m especially excited to see that come to life and, well, let’s face it – FOUR.

    I just bought The Fault in Our Stars and I’m super excited/nervous/have liquor & kleenex handy to read it. I’d love to check out the Maze Runner and Enders Game as well! I’ve heard good things.

    1. Can’t wait to see what you think about The Fault in Our Stars. Couldn’t agree with you more about Four being the major draw of the Divergent movie (and books if I’m being honest!).

  5. “I’m especially excited to see how they pull off The Book Thief, but I’m pretty sure that I will bawl my eyes out the whole time”

    I second that!! I’m going to bring a whole box of tissues, just in case it has anything like the same effect on me as the book.

  6. I read Ender’s Game last year and loved it, but am also feeling conflicted about going to see the movie – don’t want to support the author with my moneys… I’m very interested in going to see The Maze Runner, although I haven’t read the book.

    1. Yeah it’s hard to know when it’s okay to separate the author from the book. I’ve been having the same kind of angst about the recent revelations (or maybe recent media attention) to J.D. Salinger’s personal life. Catcher in the Rye is probably my favorite book, and I’m not sure if the author’s relationships with young women complicates that. Thanks for commenting!

      1. I think it is okay to separate the work from the author. It might be easier to do if you learn the bad things about the author *after* reading their book.

        I think it becomes complicated in cases of a living author. One has to think about whether or not one wants to support them. I prefer not to spend money on their books, and borrow them instead.

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