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Hi friends! It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been in Big Sur writing for almost five months. It (perhaps obviously) hasn’t always been an easy process, but I think I’m making good progress. After getting lots of questions about what exactly I’m writing, I thought it’s time to share a bit more about my WIP with you. I’m still struggling to find the right title, but for now I’m calling it DREAM VOYAGES.  Here’s a short set up:

Fifteen-year-old Riley desperately wants to move back in with her dad in California, but anywhere would be better than the freezing New England town where her mom just moved. She doesn’t expect her anywhere to be Somnus: a planet where dreams don’t just come true, they are true. On Somnus teenage girls travel to other planets through their dreams, gathering the intelligence and information that’s made their planet a technological and military super power.

Riley finds her escape through dream meetings with Aris, a dream traveler and the daughter of Somnus’s leader. When Somnian government officials find out the dreams begin taking place on Somnus instead of Earth, they threaten to stop Aris from dreaming. The girls attempt to discover the purpose of their dream voyages, but the information they find, along with two inconvenient crushes, threatens their friendship and the political systems of Riley’s high school and Aris’s planet.

So yeah…hopefully you’ll be able to buy it in a bookstore someday or download it on an e-reader. I know I still have a long long long road ahead of me (unless I get hit by a bus or something) but I’m excited.

In other exciting writing/life news:

1.)  I’ve become a submissions intern at Month9Books, a small publishing house that publishes speculative fiction. I’m reading submissions and rating them for the editors. Not only is it fun, but I think it is definitely improving my writing.

2.)  I’ve been accepted to join the 17th annual Big Sur Writing Workshop, which focuses on creating books for children and young adults. I’m beyond thrilled learn from industry professionals and meet other writers. This is definitely a huge motivator in getting DREAM VOYAGES spick and span and ready to go by December.

3.)  I’ve joined the Central Coast Writers Group. I’ve been to two meetings, both hilarious. Big Sur couldn’t be a more beautiful and inspiring place to write, but it has been kind of isolating. It’s invigorating to be around other writers with so much experience.

That’s pretty much it for me. What’s new in your life or your writing?

27 thoughts on “What I’m Working On

    1. Thank you for commenting. I totally understand how daunting it is, and feel really lucky that a lot of factors in my life came together to allow me to go down this path. The most cliched advice people give aspiring authors is to keep writing … but I do think it is the best advice.

      1. I agree! I’m glad everything’s working out for you, just hope I get my act together! Keep writing and inspiring.

  1. You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Big Sur Writing Workshop! I highly recommend that you email them and ask to be in Lara Perkins’ critique group for one of your groups! She is amazing.

    1. I’m so excited to hear that from someone who has been before. I’m getting really amped up for it and have to remind my self that it is still more than two months away. Will keep that in mind about Laura Perkins.

  2. So glad things are going so well for you! This all sounds fantastic :). Good luck with the novel. I hope the doors keep opening for you along the way.

  3. Congrats on being accepted into the writer’s workshop and on your new internship! You have certainly been productive.

    I know what you mean about writing being a lonely business. I started seriously attempting my first novel in July, and I can hardly remember the last time I went out to lunch with a friend since then. :/ How did you find your writer’s group? I want to find one myself – it would be nice to meet some other people equally excited about writing.

    I just checked out the BSWW and it looks amazing – I wish I could do it! It is, sadly out of my price range right now. I wish writing workshops didn’t cost so much! I’m trying to save up for AWP’s conference in February.

    1. The AWP conference looks really great. It does seem crazy how pricey these workshops are. I feel lucky that I live in Big Sur so I can save on travel and lodging. A friend of a friend referred me to my writing group, but you should try meetup.com I’ve heard there are lots of writers groups listed on that sight or it could help you start your own.

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