Wordless Wednesday: Gatsby’s Mansion

In honor of my new Gatsby bag I’m indulging in my love for this book/movie/character and showing some nostalgic views of Gatsby’s Mansion (and a few other spots from West Egg and East Egg).

tumblr_ml2swvYX6k1qe55cno1_500 tumblr_ml2swvYX6k1qe55cno2_500

tumblr_ml2swvYX6k1qe55cno4_500 tumblr_ml2swvYX6k1qe55cno5_500 tumblr_ml2swvYX6k1qe55cno6_500 tumblr_ml2swvYX6k1qe55cno9_500 tumblr_ml2swvYX6k1qe55cno10_500You can still enter my 26th Birthday Giveaway by leaving a comment here or on any post until October 26th when I announce the winner of a $26 Amazon gift card. For more ways to enter click here.


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Gatsby’s Mansion

  1. I looove his house, I loved the book and I loved the film. And I really love the fact that you made an entire post about the houses in GIFs. *enthousiasm overload*

  2. Did you ever see the behind-the-scenes footage of all the mansions, etc., with all the green screens? Crazy. Let me know if you want me to find the link for you.

    P.S. Do you like how I just STORMED your blog just now? You probably got one thousand notifications.

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