One More Week to Enter My Giveaway

birthday12-hpHappy Friday! I’ve been 26 for eighteen days and so far so good. Even though I usually take birthdays hard (which I know is ridiculous) I’ve been pretty good at not freaking out when I tell people how old I am. Although my first reaction is still definitely to say 22, so maybe I need to work on that some more.

For my birthday I decided to host my first giveaway. I’m writing now to let you know that you still have a week to enter for the chance to win a $26 Amazon gift card. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on the blog between now and October 26th. It can be on this post or any post. The more you comment the more times I will write your name on a slip of paper and put it into the hat. That means if you’ve already entered, there are still plenty of chances to enter again.

For even more chances at winning, publicize the giveaway by tweeting about it, posting on Facebook, or linking to it on your blog. Just make  sure to let me know you’ve done this in the comments so I keep entering your name in. Thanks!

To keep things interesting, if you want to comment on this post (and you feel like it) why don’t you answer one of the following questions.

  • Who are your top three literary crushes?
  • If you could have dinner with an author living or dead who would it be?
  • What is a quote that you wish you’d written?


10 thoughts on “One More Week to Enter My Giveaway

  1. Top 3 crushes: 2 authors and a character: Louise Erdrich, James Baldwin, and Lucien Chardon, the protagonist of Balzac’s “Illusions perdues”
    Dinner with Marcel Proust
    Quote: “Every time two boys kiss, it opens up the world a little more.” David Levithan

  2. I entered your giveaway already, but I really want to share you my three literary crushes:
    1. Pride and Prejudice’s mr Darcy, I don’t think that even needs a further explanation.
    2. The Great Gatsby’s Jay Gatsby, because who wouldn’t want a guy who throws enormous parties to find you?
    3. Under the Never sky’s Perry. He’s just adorable.
    (And bonus: A Great and Terrible beauty’s Kartik. He will always be one of my heroes).

    The writer I’d like to have dinner with is either Jane Austen or E.L. James, to ask if she ever thought of the succes Fifty Shades before it became such a hype.

    My favorite quote is:
    “Sexy means loving someone you don’t know” – Jhumpa Lahiri, because I think it’s a clear reflection of society nowadays,.

    1. I will enter you again. I love these answers. I am adding Under the Never Sky to my TBR list immediately, because it’s clear we have similar literary taste in men.

      Thanks for commenting!

    1. Oh man, Augustus Waters = instant swoon. Seriously, might need to get some smelling salts before I attempt to read Tfios again.

      Thanks to everyone who answered my questions here and on FB! I have so many new ideas for marry, date, or dump right now!

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