Marry, Date or Dump: Tris, Katniss, and Cassia


After reading Allegiant last week, I guess I’m still in a dystopian state of mind. Which, frankly, is a pretty scary place to be. This week I’m giving you three heroines from dystopian trilogies: Tris from Divergent, Katniss from Hunger Games, and Cassie from Matched. Let me know in the comments who you would marry, who you would date, and who you would dump. I’m still deciding on this one myself, so I’m excited to read your opinions. 

Tris from Divergent
Tris from Divergent
Katniss from The Hunger Games
Katniss from The Hunger Games
Cassia from Matched
Cassia from Matched



8 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Tris, Katniss, and Cassia

  1. So – I haven’t read or heard anything about Matched. She gets dumped.

    But making me choose between Jennifer Lawrence (my ultimate girl crush) and Shailene (up and coming girl crush since I saw her in the Descendants two years ago) – oy vey! I also need to think of this as characters, NOT the actresses because JLaw wins every time.

    This one is easy though and since it’s girl on girl we’re talking about here – I’m going to think of it this way. I would totally marry Tris because then we could be sister-wives with Four as our husband? Right? Right. And I would totally like to marry Four over Peeta. But I’d totally date Katniss because I think she’d be fun to hangout with and run around the woods with.

    I’m now ending this comment before this gets even weirder or I start second guessing myself. lol

  2. I saw your Allegiant post. Since I haven’t yet read it, I didn’t want to read the post just yet. As for dystopian heroines, if I were advising a guy, I would say marry all three heroines, because they were forces of change in their worlds. I would push for Tris above all, so that I could have Four. 🙂

  3. Unfortunately I can’t comment on who to dump, marry or date. I’ve only read the Hunger Games. Although your post has me adding Divergent to my to-be-read pile. So, thanks! I tried to get into Matched, but it didn’t do much for me. Hmm, I wonder if I should give it another try… -RB

    1. Yeah I had lukewarm feelings about Crossed as well. I enjoyed reading it, but I didn’t connect to it the was other readers seem to. I would try Divergent first! Especially if you enjoyed The Hunger Games. Thanks for commenting!

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