NaNoWriMo and Los Angeles Vacation

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Happy Friday! I am eight days into NaNoWriMo and six days into my trip to Los Angeles to visit my sister. Last week, I made a vlog post about all the things I’m doing this month (vacations and visitors and standardized tests – oh my!), but this week, even though I’m behind where I should be to finish the challenge, I’m feeling pretty confident that despite my many other distractions I will win the challenge. Knock on wood.

As it stands, I’ve written 8,400 words of my sequel to Dream Voyages. Fast drafting and working on a new first draft has been a really fun and liberating experience so far. I don’t want to talk two much about the very tentatively titled “Dreamers 2”, because it’s just a first draft. I will say that it includes new dream voyages to new planets, a high school play, and a good dose of smooching.

I’ve also been having the most fun in LA. I may not have 13,333 words, but I do have the answer to where to find the best fish tacos in Los Angeles and the best spots to take selfies with your sister at the Getty (as you can see from the above photo). I also read a possible new favorite book, which I’ll be reviewing on Sunday, went to some Dia de Los Muertos celebrations, visited the Craft and Folk Art Museum, rode the city bus, and saw French new wave film maker, Agnes Varda.

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I’m going to keep this post on the short side, because I have words to write, sisters to cuddle with, and museums to visit. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! If you are also doing NaNoWriMo let me know in the comments how you are doing. Hopefully, next week I’ll be making another vlog post about my progress.

7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and Los Angeles Vacation

  1. Love this post, love LA, love Agnes Varda. Can’t wait to hear what you’re reading. Congrats on your Nanowrimo progress so far! I just finished “The Snow Child,” by Eowyn Ivey, which is fabulous, and now am reading “Everything Begins & Ends at the Kentucky Club,” by Benjamin Alire Saenz, an amazing YA book about race, sex, addiction, immigration, love, families, everything. It won the Pen Faulkner award for fiction.

    1. Thanks Kevin! Agnes Varda has definitely been a highlight of the trip. She is so amazing. I’m definitely adding Benjamin Alire Saenz to my to read list. I’ve wanted to read “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” for a long time, but “Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club” looks fantastic and so relevant to cultural/political conversations going on right now.

  2. I am just barely hanging onto my word goal by a thread and a little nervous that I’m not further ahead like I’d planned to be to make up for the fact that I barely have any time to write on weekends at all. Still, I feel like I shouldn’t complain because at the moment I am at least on track so I suppose it could be worse!

    1. I’m definitely impressed that you are on track … although wouldn’t it always be nicer to be ahead? I think the only reason I’m not freaking out more is that I know I’ll have a lot more time in the second half of the month and I’m having so much fun.

      On a completely different topic, I’m a little in love with your avatar. So cute!

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