Wordless Wednesday: Items of Power

via hugbox

via hugbox

A few words: I stumbled onto this tumblr trend through the tumblr of author Rainbow Rowell. Most of the posts attribute hugbox as the originator of the trend. If you want to see more I’ve posted a bunch on my tumblr or you can go to the site and search the hashtag items of power. If I had any drawing ability I would make one showing me with Cinnamon (my teddy bear), a moleskin journal, a kate spade purse, a bag of granola, The Elements of Style, and some lavender oil.

Let me know in the comments what your power items would be.

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Items of Power

  1. My power items would be : coffee for sure, my favorite Clarks sandals, my smart phone (i.e. camera, to do list, calendar and means of speaking with people that are not three inches in front of me), baby wipes and good chocolate.

  2. A hickory walking stick, a dog whistle, opera gloves, an 8′ silk scarf, my library card, and a mechanical pencil. With those at my disposal, I can conquer any natural, social or theoretical world.

  3. Ooh I love this! I wish I could draw! Hmm, I think mine would be… My tea kettle, my bus pass, my notebook, a good pen (necessary to everyone, it seems!), my giant chef’s knife, and a box of angel hair pasta.

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