Two More Days


Happy day after Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely holiday yesterday. Is anyone going Black Friday shopping? I already think stores are too crowded on regular days, so I avoid malls today like the plague. I am pretty into Cyber Monday though. Although what I should be thinking of now (actually what I should be doing write now) is finishing my NaNoWriMo challenge, because I only have 400 words left until I hit 50,000 words. It has been such a fun and crazy challenge, and I think this was exactly what I needed after months of editing to relearn the initial creative, less critical aspect of writing. I’m going to get back to writing, but just wanted to say a quick congratulations to everyone who’s participated (whether you hit 50K words or not I think everyone is a winner) and everyone who’s sent me words of encouragement this month. Writing can often seem like a very solitary endeavor, but the people I’ve found through this blog and this challenge make me feel like a part of a much larger community. I’m very thankful for all of you! 

5 thoughts on “Two More Days

  1. I’m so impressed by how many people I have found who hit the 50k mark– only 400 words left is definitely exciting. I imagine the final word of that final sentence will be pure bliss 🙂 I did NOT participate… too many things on my plate, but maybe next year! You all certainly made it look easy though I suspect I am wrong on that one.

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