Marry, Date or Dump: Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors

frabz-became-defence-against-the-dark-arts-teacher-at-hogwarts-not-dea-2678b8Happy (cyber) Monday! I was feeling a little nostalgic for Harry Potter this morning. Maybe the holidays will be the perfect time to reread the books. Anyways, for todays marry, date or dump I decided to give you the options between all the Hogwarts Defense Against the Dark Arts professors as your options. I know most you don’t need directions by now, but for any new comers list who you would marry, who you would date and who you would dump in the comments. I have a feeling it’s going to be a Remus Lupin landslide … but who knows? I’ve been mistaken before.2013 - 1Professor Quirrel. Professor Gilderoy Lockhart. Professor Remus Lupin. Professor Alastor Moody. Professor Dolores Umbridge. Professor Severus Snape.

23 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors

  1. Ok, I debated a while because I hate to be predictable but I guess it is marry Remus Lupin ( your only other choice is Mad Eye IMHO) Date Gilderoy Lockhart and Dump Dolores Umbridge.

    I think the right person could make a convincing case for marrying Severus Snape but I can’t get past the hair.

  2. I would marry Remus in a heartbeat, even though he has that werewolf thing going on. Umbridge and Quirrel should be dumped like old garbage. Lockhart’s too full of himself.

  3. It’s necessary to marry Remus. I’d totally date Mad-Eye-we would wander around scaring kids and spying on people, it’d be a good time. Dump Umbridge-to the Pit of Despair.

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