Marry, Date or Dump: A. A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, and C. S. Lewis


Happy Monday! For today’s marry, date and dump will make you choose between the creators of Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, and Narnia. Whether you choose based on their real lives, their books, or their photographs below one thing is certain: you have to choose. I’m excited to see who you would marry, who you would date, and who you would dump in the comments! 

A. A. Milne
A. A. Milne
Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll


C. S. Lewis
C. S. Lewis

8 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: A. A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, and C. S. Lewis

  1. Lewis Carroll is definitely the most interesting and complex of the three, so I’d probably date him. AA Milne I’d probably dump. A playwright who becomes successful as a children’s author seems like he’d be depressing to be around. So I guess I’d marry CS Lewis.

  2. Hmmm, this is tricky. I’d probably have to dump Lewis Carroll as the whole mathematician thing would remind me of my parents, and that’s just weird. Also, I don’t really enjoy chess. I do love plays and Milne’s works and get the feeling we’d converse just great. On the other hand, I enjoy C.S. Lewis’ writing and want to be in on talking with Tolkien. But then C.S. Lewis has the whole religious agenda and living with it would get old real fast. So I’d probably date him and remain friends with both him and Tolkien and then marry Milne.

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