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tumblr_myhadjsRS11qb8xvxo1_500Today I went to my blog’s stats page and pulled out links from some of Hardcovers & Heroines’ most popular posts of 2013. It wasn’t always what I expected, but it was certainly interesting. In case you missed them, or if you want to look back, here they are:

Most Popular Marry, Date or Dump: Ladies from The Great Gatsby

Most Popular Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Secondary Characters

Most Popular Wordless Wednesday: Writers On Their Wedding Day

Most Popular Book Review: Tides, by Betsy Cornwell

Most Popular Life Lessons Post: Nine Life Lessons from Anne of Green Gables

Most popular writing post: Word Count and YA novels

Most popular reading post: Is Abbi Glines Pushing the Boundaries of YA Fiction?

Have you had a favorite post? Do you have opinions on changes I should make to the blog in 2014? Or subjects I should be writing more or less about? If so let me know in the comments, and happy (almost) new year!

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