Bumped, by Megan McCafferty

8517207I love loved loved Megan McCafferty’s Jessica Darling series. So I was excited to see one of my favorite authors branch out into new characters and a dystopian story line. In Bumped, sixteen-year-old separated at birth twins, Melody and Harmony, live in a future world where a virus has left the population infertile after age eighteen. As a result, high school health class teaches students how to get pregnant, the cafeteria stocks folic-acid infused foods, girls wear fake pregnancy bumps under their t-shirts, and teenage girls are the most valuable members of society. Melody has scored one of the most lucrative conception contracts and is getting ready to prepare to conceive for the first time. Harmony’s grown up in a religious cult (I mean community) preparing to be a wife and a mother. She thinks it’s her sacred duty to convince Melody not to “preg for a profit”, but she is also hiding some major secrets (and urges) of her own. Doesn’t this all sound kind of delightfully naughty/thought-provoking?

The strength of this novel is in the details and the language. There is a whole new slang that revolves around ideas of fertility which is some how both hilarious and believable. I didn’t feel like the book had the magic or same level of character development of Jessica Darling or Marcus Flutie, but I did thoroughly enjoy reading Bumped. It wasn’t “terminal” or even “everything but”, but it was pretty darned funny. And the twists and turns kept me wanting to turn the page.

8 thoughts on “Bumped, by Megan McCafferty

  1. Sounds interesting and like a YA version of the Handmaid’s Tale. Although I do have how wonder why YA authors are all about such gimmicky character names…

    1. The comparison to Handmaid’s Tale is a good one, although this is definitely funnier and more light-hearted. I did cringe a bit with the names. It wasn’t a surprise when I found out both characters have outdated musical talents. I would recommend the book though.

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