Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read


Here are a list of authors that I’m surprised I haven’t read and/or who I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish, for hosting this weekly book meme.

  1. Cassandra Clare
  2. Laurie Halse Anderson
  3. Zadie Smith
  4. Tamora Pierce
  5. Dave Eggers
  6. James Dashner
  7. Ally Carter
  8. Jennifer Egan
  9. Elizabeth Gilbert
  10. Richelle Mead

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.25.21 PMWhat popular authors have you never read? Which authors from my list should I read immediately? Let me know in the comments!

30 thoughts on “Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. For reading immediately, I’d personally have to recommend Tamora Pierce. I’d read her Song of the Lioness and Protector of the Small quartets recently, and couldn’t believe it’d taken me so long to get around to them.

    1. People have been telling me to read these since I was in middle school. I think I resisted because there was this girl named Alana who I hated in school … but maybe I will try another one of her series.

  2. I’m unfamiliar with those writers as well, though I tried to read Wintergirls, by Ms. Halse Anderson, and couldn’t finish it. My list this week practically wrote itself, given my dinosaur taste in just about everything.

      1. Definitely recommend Speak. Frankly, I enjoyed reading it more at this age than when I was in middle school. It is AMAZING. I did enjoy wintergirls, but Speak is just packed with great observations on the world/high school life. It also broadened acceptable styles for YA fiction, I think.

  3. I’ve got Zadie Smith’s White Teeth sitting on my TBR pile, but I’ve just never gotten to it. Elizabeth Gilbert is another one that could have been on my list–for some reason I’ve just never been tempted to try any of her books.

    1. I’ve been wanting to read Zadie Smith for a long time. Elizabeth Gilbert I am less anxious to read, but I’m still kind of surprised I haven’t read one of her books though.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I have been wanting to read the Vampire Academy books for a long time. Even thought the trend has passed I still enjoy a good vampire book if it is done well. Thanks for commending!

  4. Laurie Halse Anderson is wonderful, but I’m with you on most of the others!

    Thanks so much for the comment!

    1. I definitely want to get to a lot of these authors this year. I don’t know how I’ve avoided them for so long? If you don’t mind, I’d love to know which ones are among your favorites.

  5. I tried to read What is the What, which was our Citywide read. I just couldn’t get into it. As for Eat, Pray, Love, that I also tried to read. But it was so poorly written, I gave up. James Patterson is an author I’ve never read. He’s the most popular best selling author, but . . . his work doesn’t interest me.

  6. The only one of these authors I have read is Cassandra Clare, but I do have Laurie Halse Anderson on my bookshelf, and I just started reading “The Maze Runner” – here’s to some happy future reading! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi!

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