Marry, Date or Dump: Cersei, Margaery, & Brienne from Game of Thrones


After more than three months, I finally finished the audiobook of A Feast for Crows last night, so I definitely have Game of Thrones on my mind. Only one more book until I catch up with the rest of the world! To commemorate this I thought I would offer three really important female characters from this fourth book for you to marry, date or dump. 

I would have included Sansa (full disclosure she is by far my favorite character in the series), but there is some serious internet hate for her out there and I used her in my last marry, date or dump featuring Game of Thrones characters – which is funny because I hadn’t even read the books at that point.

Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister
Margaery Tyrell
Margaery Tyrell
Brienne of Tarth
Brienne of Tarth

23 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Cersei, Margaery, & Brienne from Game of Thrones

  1. Marry Margaery. It seems to be the thing to do. Everyone else is doing it and I’m weak willed and cave to peer pressure. (Also I LOVE her!)

    Date Brienne. Because God, she just rocks and if you’re nice to her you gain her undying loyalty, not a bad trade.

    Dump Cersei. So much crazy. Also you might wind up dead. Also twincest. And evil. And just everything. But I’d like to get drunk and be bitchy with her, because that’s awesome.

      1. I think my love for Margaery is caused in a big way by my left over goodwill for Natalie Dormer’s Anne Boleyn on The Tudors. But I just adore her.

      2. Oh my gosh yes! She was great as Anne Boleyn. I am way behind in seasons on the tv show, so I haven’t seen much of her character yet other than in the books.

  2. Yea I think the way to go – Marry Margaery she is my favorite character along with her sassy grandmother, I was thinking of dumping both Brienne and Cersei but I think Reenie is right – Date Brienne who I like but I didn’t really think she would have time to date but if I can gain her loyalty a great trade and DUMP CERSEI – no reason needed.

      1. I like Brienne a lot but I don’t think she would have a good time dating – I think Margaery is really smart and advanced for a woman given the restraints of her time,

  3. I would marry Brienne – she is everything you want – loyal, considerate, she would do anything for you. Date Margery – staying married to her is not a good long-term investmetn. And, obviously, dump Cersei.

  4. I would marry Brienne – she is everything you would want in a woman, also she can kick ass. Date Cersei – dating a crazy person is something that must be done. Also I get to hang out with Jaime. And Dump Margery – she’s just not my type.

  5. As much as I want to marry into the Tyrell family and become chummy my spirit animal, Lady Olenna, I’d only date Margaery. She seems like a fun time, and is very kindhearted. But a thorn is still a thorn. Beware.

    I’d marry Brienne. She’s fiercely loyal and is bad ass with a sword. She’s no nonsense. And she’s tall. She’ll scare all the baddies away!!

    Dump Cersei, for obvious reasons. Most importantly, she has perfected the poker face. Knowing what I know, I couldn’t trust that. If I wasn’t privy to all this information, God save me.

  6. Definitely dump Cersei, because she is a ball of crazy. I’d date Margaery since she’s gorgeous and clever, but doesn’t seem to hold onto spouses well! And I’d marry Brienne for her loyalty and kindness. Plus a bodyguard would be a good idea in Westeros!

  7. Based solely on the TV show:

    Yeah, I can’t imagine romance with Brienne. She strikes me as built to be the perfect female knight in Camelot, and I know my Arthurian tales very well-when the perfect knight gets romantic, that’s when it all goes to hell. I’d marry Margaery, as she is my favorite, her family is my favorite, their clothes are my favorite, and it sounds like her homeland is beautiful. So that leaves Cersei to date. I think that for all her deviousness she does telegraph what she wants most-to be respected for her intelligence in spite of her gender, to have a say, and I could do that. Could be a great partnership, so long as there’s an exit strategy, really. A truly supportive relationship could’ve done worlds of wonders. We could do it on vacation somewhere away from the rest of the Lannisters.

    1. Very interesting view on what a supportive relationship with Cersei would mean. I will say that in the books her relationship with Jaimie seems more supportive than it’s being portrayed on the tv show (especially recently).

      Thanks for playing!

      1. That’s just one of the problems with incest though, even a supportive relationship with someone who’s been raised to have the same kinds of prejudices and pressures as you have will only fuel the skewing of your own perspective. On the other hand, support from a real outsider and an understanding with them will provide counters and checks. This is why I totally discount the Jaime thing, although I had been informed the book!relationship is stronger.

  8. I love your Marry, Date, Dump series haha. Since I’m *FINALLY* involved in the Thrones-verse myself, I can dig this! What shocks me is that I know people who are really attracted to Cersei, crazy and all. Personally, I think Cersei is very interesting (I just love the Lannisters in general), but oh girl she’d be dumped like a ton of bricks (which would hopefully fall right on Joffrey’s head). Date Margaery because she’s cool and maybe can forge some allegiance with House Tyrell (I needs them roses), and of course marry Brienne who is amazing!!!
    I’m with you regarding Sansa, by the way. I don’t get the hate for her. Sure, she’s annoying in season one (first book), but by the time Clash of Kings/season 2 rolls around, I’m already really liking her! Also, her POVs in the books are usually the most interesting, I think, and maybe I’ll get some hate for this (pls don’t hate meee) but in my heart of hearts I ship Sansa/The Hound.

    1. Interesting! I never have met anyone who liked Cersei. I’m glad to find someone else who likes Sansa. I agree that she is annoying season one/ book one … but she is like twelve and it paves the way for her character development. I’m still holding out for Sansa to get back together with Tyrion since he is my other favorite character, but I still have one more book to read until I’m caught up with everyone … we’ll see.

  9. Marry Marjaery because even though I know it’s mainly to manipulate and for her own benefit she really is very sweet. And beautiful. I’d date Brienne because she is just so insanely awesome and cool. Cersei is awful. Dump her. She’s not worth the time of day.

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