Wordless Wednesday: 162 Epic YA Retellings


YA_Retellings_web_vertical_web3 (1)

I want to read like all of these books. To see them closer or learn more about the chart click on the picture above or right here. What are your favorite YA retellings? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 162 Epic YA Retellings

  1. Wow. Love! Want!

    I’d given up on reading fairy tale retellings, but I just started watching Once Upon A Time two days ago, and I’m hooked! So I may try a few more.

    I do like books with mythology tie-ins. And the theatre nerd in me wants to try some of that Shakespeare.

    1. I think the Shakespeare and the classic literature ones look the most interesting … I agree that fairy tale retellings have been a bit overdone (but it’s probably just because people – including me – like them so much and keep reading new ones).

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