Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books From


Looked around my bookshelves and kindle to figure this top ten tuesday out. It was a huge eye opener to me *blushing* … especially since I’ve become a library junkie lately so this reflects some old tastes. Here it is! Let me know in the comments what authors you’ve bought the most books from. Continue reading “Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books From”

Marry, Date or Dump: The Sons of York


When I was in high school there was almost nothing I liked as much as a Philippa Gregory book. Even though I don’t read very much historical fiction any more, I really enjoyed reading her Cousin’s War series and this month my mom and I have become addicted to The White Queen on Starz. So whether you know them from television, the books, Shakespeare, a history class, or just the pictures below I want to know which of the sons of York you would marry, date and dump. Let me know in the comments!

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Virtual Literary Road Trip Stop 6: MidAtlantic Beaches


Earlier this week, I spent three days at Bethany Beach in Delaware. I’ve been going to this beach most summers since I was eleven, and it was so lovely to be back walking the board walk, playing in the waves, and (perhaps most of all) reading in the sunshine. The sunburn I got from spending too much time reading in the sunshine was not as lovely, but it was worth it. One of my favorite things about Bethany is that it has a fantastic independent book store. Whether you are going to Ocean City, Rehoboth, or Bethany Beach here are some bookstores to check out: Continue reading “Virtual Literary Road Trip Stop 6: MidAtlantic Beaches”

Top Ten Characters I’d Want on a Deserted Island with Me


This is a mix of characters I love, characters with skills I’d love to have on the island with me, and characters who have both. I think it’s interesting that most of them are from YA novels. I’m not a creeper wanting to be on an island of teenagers I promise! I just think that it is easier for YA characters to be more idealized. The adult characters from my favorite books seemed so flawed by comparison. I’d love to know what characters you would take with you on a deserted island. Tell me in the comments!  Continue reading “Top Ten Characters I’d Want on a Deserted Island with Me”