Marry, Date or Dump: The Sons of York


When I was in high school there was almost nothing I liked as much as a Philippa Gregory book. Even though I don’t read very much historical fiction any more, I really enjoyed reading her Cousin’s War series and this month my mom and I have become addicted to The White Queen on Starz. So whether you know them from television, the books, Shakespeare, a history class, or just the pictures below I want to know which of the sons of York you would marry, date and dump. Let me know in the comments!

Edward IV
Edward IV
George Duke of Clarence
George Duke of Clarence
Richard III
Richard III

7 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: The Sons of York

  1. Ahhhh, the York brothers. I love me some historical fiction and I did also watch The White Queen. Sad to see it only stuck to one season! Now on to the question at hand, which is a tough one. I would probably dump Richard, but that’s mainly because I do believe in the story of the Princes in the Tower and ehhhhhhh. I think he’s adorable in TWQ, but not adorable enough to be saved. I would date the hell out of Edward, just cause and I would probably marry George. I don’t really know why, but I did really like George (and Isabel, for that matter) so I guess those are my choices. Ahhhhh tough one though!

    1. Wow. Marrying George is a bold choice. I did like Isabel a lot in the The White Queen. I hear that Starz might do another series called The White Princess and have it be based on Elizabeth of York and Henry Tudor … I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

      1. I loved Isabel in The White Queen, she was my absolute favorite. But hopefully that’s true — there are never enough historical TV shows, I’m still crying over The Tudors ending!

  2. Very interesting Alison. A lot depends on what you believe about the reinvention of Richard. So you have the gorgeous but wayward Edward the King who married for love, ambitious George who married for position, and Richard who is either a horrible monster or a loyal husband and brother.

    And you can’t really game this by looking at their wives. All these women had ups and downs.

    At first I thought I would dump George, date Edward and marry Richard…but in thinking about it, I think I would still dump George (his crass ambition is only matched by his inept execution – and I don’t mean being drowned in malmsey), date Richard – very briefly – and marry Edward. I love the love story of Edward and Elizabeth and, then, I would be queen!

    1. I keep switching between marrying Edward and Richard. In the TV show, I am having the biggest crush on Richard … but overall I think I agree with you. The love story between Edward and Elizabeth is too good to pass up!

  3. Having done a lot of research on Richard III, I have to say that whether you believe he killed his nephews or not (I don’t), it’s hard not to believe him a romantic. When Anne had no children she wanted a particular nephew named Richard’s successor, and even though the child was not mentally fit and Richard knew better, he let her pick. It was one of the first things he changed on her death. Even if you don’t believe the more dramatic stories of how he rescued her from George’s mistreatment, I find that pretty convincing evidence that he cared for Anne greatly. I would have to marry Richard. Date Edward-in the early days with healthier genitals, and absolutely dump George.

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