Marry, Date or Dump: Outlander


I had a different marry, date or dump planned for today, but given all the excitement about Outlander that I saw over the weekend I decided to change course. I have to admit that Outlander wasn’t my favorite when I read it … although I am thinking of giving it a second try. Despite my initial reluctance, I definitely understand the appeal of a man in a kilt (thank you junior year abroad in Scotland!) and I’m excited to see who you pick. Let me know in the comments!Ā 

Jamie Fraser
Jamie Fraser
Frank Randall
Frank Randall
Rupert Mackenzie
Rupert Mackenzie

10 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Outlander

  1. I suppose Iā€™d marry Jamie Frazer, date Rupert Mackenzie and dump Frank Randall. Because look at Jamie, he’s such a hottie. Also, judging by the book, he’s also a really sweet guy.

  2. Well I agree. Frank seems very unexciting through all the books and seems way to prepossessed with himself (although he has some redeeming features as a father) – so dump him. Jamie is the obvious marry — intelligent, attractive, protective, energetic and insanely loyal. I’d date Rupert – just because it might be fun.

    Men in kilts win!

  3. So up until less than twenty four hours ago, I knew nothing about Outlander other than the fact that it was a steamy read (of really long books) that a few of my girlfriends had suggested I read. After all the hype, I gave the show a watch and

    Jamie for all the things except dump. But based on the above comments, I’m guessing Frank is the dumper šŸ˜‰

  4. I just saw the first episode and can’t wait to dive into the books!!

    Marry Jamie.
    Date Frank.
    Did I miss Rupert in the first episode. I don’t remember him. Perhaps I was also entranced by the men in kilts. šŸ˜‰


      1. He was, most prominently in the cottage when Claire was brought in my Murtagh, and on the road when Jamie goes off the horse (mentioning the saint when Claire starts swearing). He’s the one with the really pretty, expressive eyes:)

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