Marry, Date or Dump: Circus Books

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 Happy Labor Day everyone! I spent the day celebrating with new friends at Coney Island. I guess the carnival-like rides and food (corn dogs and snow cones and cheesy fries oh my!) seeped into my psyche because I definitely have circus books on my mind. So this week if you feel so inclined let me know who you would marry, who you’d date, and who you’d dump given these options: Marco from The Night Circus, Jacob from Water for Elephants, and Jacob from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (which isn’t about a circus, but for some reason seems to go with the others in my head). Happy choosing! 

Marco from The Night Circus
Marco from The Night Circus
Jacob from Like Water for Elephants
Jacob from Water for Elephants
Jacob from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Jacob from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

*** Corrected title from Like Water for Elephants to Water for Elephants … I must have been getting confused with Like Water for Chocolate – which is a great book but not really relevant to this discussion. Oops! 

8 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Circus Books

  1. Oh my gosh. This may be the hardest date, marry, dump you’ve ever done yet. While I haven’t read Miss Peregrine, so I’m going to immediately dump that Jacob – Water for Elephants and Night Circus are two of my favorite books and Marco and Jacob are two of my favorite male leads.

    But I really think this is how it will play out:

    Date: Marco
    Marry: Jacob – because he was just every kind of perfect.

    1. Water for Elephants isn’t actually a favorite of mine. SO MANY friends love it, but for some reason it didn’t click with me. I did really love Jacob as a character (he was the best part of the book for me), but I would still marry Marco.

  2. I’ve never read Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children – so I will have to dump Jacob. I probably don’t know what I’m missing.

    I loved both Marco from Night Circus and Jacob from Water of Elephants – my problem is that I can’t decide if I want to Date Marco or Marry him. He definitely would be the most fun (magic happens!) and at the same time he is so committed to making the relationship work! But I don’t think Jacob in WFE would be much fun to date – he’s more the marrying type!

    So I guess (since I think you DO have to choose – that’s the point of the game) I would marry Jacob in WFE, date Marco and dump Jacob in MPHFPC only because I haven’t met him yet!

    Fo the first time I am dating my favorite!

    1. 1.) I always appreciate your willingness to play by the rules.
      2.) This is great reasoning. Marco would be fun to date and Jacob from Water For Elephants would be great to marry. I still think I would marry Marco though. It would be so much fun!

    1. Don’t consider Mrs. Peregrine’s inclusion in Marry Date or Dump an endorsement. I found the book kind of so so, but lately I’ve been thinking I should give it another try because maybe I was just in a weird mood when I read it.

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