Brooklyn Book Festival

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I had such a lovely day wandering around The Brooklyn Book Festival. What struck me most is how many booksellers, printing presses, and literary journals had booths. New York really does seem to be the center of the book world.

Other highlights include meeting Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian, two of my favorite authors, and telling them how they inspired me to go to The New School (they were so funny and nice!), listening to Coe Booth talk about how she forms characters, and seeing the YA Fantasy panel with Scott Westerfeld, C.J. Farely, and Cara Lynn Shultz.

It was also the most fun getting to hang out with the ladies in my children’s writing cohort at school. It is so cool to be around people who are as into these things as I am. I just feel so lucky and grateful to be here right now having these kinds of experiences.

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