16 thoughts on “Marry, Date or Dump: Aragorn, Legolas, & Gimli

  1. I would marry Legolas .
    I would date Aragorn, I might date Gimli too for some precious stones ( if you did not think about this too, then why on earth did you even mention him? :)) Then I would dump them both. Aragorn is too melancholic to marry.

  2. Marry Legolas-calm is good when it comes with elven advantages. Dump Aragorn-he drags his feet, broods, and would never feel right about putting me first. Date Gimli-it’d be a good time.

    If Eomer were in here I’d marry him and date Legolas though, ’cause while I enjoy elven beauty and all, it’d get very hard to be married to that while I age and lose faculties. Same goes for Faramir. If Boromir I’d still marry Eomer, Faramir, or Legolas, but date him instead of Gimli, as he would be both a good time and hot. So many permutations!

  3. I would Marry Legolas because he is awesome. Also, a lot of you said if you marry Aragon you get to be Queen, but Legolas is going to be king once his father either dies or gives up the throne. Also, he is calm, and I really love the elves and their languages and such. The age difference could prove to be a problem though.

    I would date Aragorn since, first of, I hate living underground, and secondly, Aragorn is more sensitive and I would prefer him over Gimli. He can be a bit brooding, but Gimli always struck me as kind of naive and a bit selfish.

  4. I would definitely marry Aragorn, because he is caring and has a lot of battle experience so he could protect me. I would date Legolas, because he’s cute, and I’d dump Gimli because he is ugly.

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