Top Ten Books I Reread All the Time


This Tuesday, we were supposed to list ten books we want to reread. I reread all the time. Sometimes the whole book. Sometimes just one specific scene, or a few scenes (often the romantic ones with longing glances and/or handholding and/or smooching!). I thought I’d share the books that I’ve been rereading over and over again lately. Here they are!

Big thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for hosting this weekly book meme.

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Reread All the Time

  1. I loved Fangirl, and when a bit more time has gone by I’ll probably read it again. Seeing Anna/Lola/Isla on your list made me smile as those are in my TBR pile right now and if you’d reread them then they must be good 🙂

    1. I reread Fangirl more than anything, but usually just the second half that has more Levi in it. Stephanie Perkins is also definitely my most reread author. What’s funny is that I didn’t even love Anna the first time I read it, but now it is one of my favorites.

  2. You made me curious about them , I haven’t read any. I always prefered period atmosphere in a book.I have some books that reread all the time since I was quite young :
    1. Gone with the wind ,
    2.The count of Monte Cristo,
    3. War and peace,
    4The red and the black ,
    5. Lord of the ring,
    6Treasure island
    7 Les miserables (I don’t know the english name ),
    8. Grimms brothers fairy tales :))
    Some are for adults, some for kids, but I love them all equally. I can’t get enought.

  3. Such a perfect reread list. I love the Anna books. I don’t really read contemporary-type books during the fall/winter months (I prefer dystopian books or sad books during those months), but I’ll be rereading them when spring comes! 🙂

      1. Really? I’m not much of a mood reader except when it comes to seasons. Contemporaries just don’t fit the fall/winter to me. Unless they’re sad. Haha. Contemporaries just feel light, bright, and sweet which is how spring/summer feels to me. New beginnings and such.

  4. I really need to re-read Anna and the French Kiss after having just fallen in love with Paris.

    Re-reading is one of my favorite things to do! I re-read Sweet Filthy Boy on the way to Paris and it just made it so much more magical. And I re-read Beautiful Player by the same author on the regular. It’s always on my nightstand.

    I think Christina Lauren are to me what Stephanie Perkins is to you in the re-read department!

    (And I absolutely loved A Hundred Summers)

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