YA & Identity Reading List from my First Semester

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 10.27.50 AMI had my last class of the semester last night … which is so crazy. What a great start to the program. Even though I’m incredibly excited for the holidays and going back to Maryland soon to see my fam, I have to admit the fact I won’t be going to these classes again feels kind of like a breakup. I will be watching The Way We Were and eating ice cream today to try and deal. Anyways, in case anyone was wondering what I’ve been reading in my literature class this semester, I thought I’d give you all my book list. Here it is! 

  1. The List, by Siobhan Vivian
  2. The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie
  3. The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding
  4. Beauty Queens, by Libba Bray
  5. Endangered, by Eliot Schrefer
  6. Tyrell, by Coe Booth
  7. Looking for Alaska, by John Green
  8. Ask the Passengers, by A.S. King
  9. The Vast Fields of Ordinary, by Nick Burd
  10. Blankets, by Craig Thompson
  11. Mexican Whiteboy, by Matt de la Pena
  12. Feed, by M. T. Anderson
  13. Wintergirls, by Laurie Halse Anderson
  14. Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell

It has been revelatory to be in a class that takes YA literature so seriously.I can recommend that you read pretty much every book on this list (I mean we all know to skip Lord of the Flies, right?)

If you’ve read any of these books or want to know more of my thoughts/opinions on any of these books let me know in the comments. Now that class is over I’m (obviously) jonesing for more discussion about teen literature.

10 thoughts on “YA & Identity Reading List from my First Semester

  1. That’s a pretty amazing reading list! I didn’t take many lit classes in college (I was a Computer Science major. All that was required was 2 freshman comps) but I’m pretty sure none of the reading lists were anything like that. I haven’t read any of those books but I have read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and it was way better than Paradise Lost! Have a lovely holiday!

  2. I’ve had to read most of those. Four were written by faculty members in my program. I really enjoyed being in a program that, as you mentioned, takes YA and MG books very seriously. Coe Booth is an awesome writer as is A. S. King, M T Anderson, Matt de La Pena, and Rainbow Rowell. I had the pleasure of hearing Coe read from Tyrell and some of her other books.

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