Wordless Wednesday: PoC Harry Potter

Source: jimmymm-ilustra.tumblr.com
Source: batcii.tumblr.com

Source: sadynax.tumblr.com
Source: natello-universe.tumblr.com
Source: evansnpotter.tumblr.com
Source: mariannewiththesteadyhands.tumblr.com
Source: dog-fur.tumblr.
Source: dog-fur.tumblr.

These are just a few examples of the PoC imaginings of Harry Potter that I’ve seen popping up on tumblr. I think it is really interesting to read about how Harry and Hermione’s race are never really mentioned (or hardly mentioned) and see people who love the characters but want more diversity in literature to express that through this type of fanart. What do you think?

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